Kr Bright Seagull, Chinese Canopy Style Rain and All season Umbrella


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Design: If you do not want the run of the mill piece but if you are looking at grasping your hands on one of the classiest collections this monsoon , these Chinese Canopy shaped Umbrellas are your perfect match.

Good Canopy Size & Lightweight: Kirdaram , Chinese Canopy umbrellas have a canopy size of 100 cm x 82 cm and provide adequate protection from sun or rain.

Wooden Handle: The smooth handle makes it easy to hold.

Pouch with handle: Comes along with a matching pouch and handle which makes it extremely convenient to carry when you are not using the umbrella , just wrap it around as a sling for extreme convenience.

Bright Colours and Playful Designs: This entire range has strikingly attractive designs and colour options which makes it truly unique and stands out from the other regular prints available in the market.

Sturdy Bone Framework: The frame-work of the umbrella is made of sturdy metal which keeps the umbrella steady, and can withstand the windy rains easily. Has a 24 Bone structure holding the canopy really well.

Easy Open and Close: The umbrella can be easily opened by a touch of a button which makes it safe to open and close anywhere.

Wooden Button Closure: The wooden button closure adds on to the finishing charm and beauty of the product making it truly a classic piece.


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