Kr Kids Raincoat Jacket Style Rocket Galaxy Theme, Cream


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Design: An overly cute and attractive design of colours with contrast colour combinations hand in hand with thematic print just makes this piece a total showstopper. This piece is a premium raincoat and is from the recommended collection by Kirdaram. Kirdaram ensures year by year that we bring unique and impressive prints to clad your little ones that they undoubtedly stand out while enjoying the monsoons.
Extra Space Bucket at the Back: This premium raincoat has a generous space at the back wherein the child cud carry the bag. Comes with an adjustive button at the back which can be opened when the child is carrying the bag and the button can be sealed in case the child just chooses to wear the raincoat.
Detailing: The beautiful detailing and selection of colours and geometric prints will make the child fall in love with this piece. Be prepared for the onlookers to give a second look to this uniquely patterned piece.
Double Closure: The double closure zip and buttons, ensures the child remains dry throughout . This double closure also prevents the water and wind from seeping in during heavy windy monsoon.
Matching Pouch Bag:?The Raincoat comes in an adorable matching pouch so that the coat can be easily packed in their bag for rainy days. Its lightweight and packable design makes it simple to pack and transport. Excellent and Portable for carrying with you anywhere.
A Hood with transparent Brim: Built in hood that will never go missing. No more frustration or wasting time searching for hats with our Kirdaram Raingears. The big clear brim on the hood prevents rain from flowing to the kid?s face and won?t cover their sight. An Extra Brim is provided too.
Sleeves with Elastic Cuffs: Elastic Cuffs on the sleeves ensure that no air or water seeps inside at times of heavy windy rainfall. The Elastic cuffs are soft on the skin and adds to the charm and beauty of the product.
Reflective Rainwear: This raincoat has light reflection strips at the front and the sleeves which greatly improves the kids security under rainy nights.


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