Kr Mr.Choppy Head Flexible Rubber Rain Gumboots for Toddlers and Kids


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?1. Waterproof Non Slip & all season Usage: Kirdaram, Rain gumboots keeps water out and pants dry, It is also an excellent insulator. As winter turns to spring and then fall to winter, sturdy rubber rain boots ensure that little ones are prepared for the changing weather. Our Boots Keep kids’ feet clean and dry during the rainy season. You could pair them with thick socks and use them as sturdy snow boots.
2. Material & Soul: Flexible Rubber.
3. Comfortable Fit: These boots are lightweight and Flexible, Made of soft rubber that lets kids run, skip, and jump in puddles without feeling stiff and constrained. Their non-insulated interior will allow little girls and boys to wear these beyond just springtime.
4.Unique & Attractive Designs : Breathable Quality, Flexible Rubber material makes Kirdaram Rain gumboots the first choice by parents and kids. Choose from Our healthy list of more than 50 + gumboots designs and style options available for Girls and Boys.
5. Light weight & Easy Wear:?Lightweight and easy to wear,so that your kids can run freely without feeling heavy.The easy pull string closure makes it very convenient for the child to slip on and pull the string thereby ensuring that no wind or water gets in.
6. Easy Clean: Easy to clean, just rinse off and dry.
7. Exclusive Collection: Dive into an exclusive monsoon collection by Kirdaram comprising of Gumboots, Rainwear, Umbrellas.


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