Kr Blue Space print Transluscent Raincoat for Kids


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1. Design: A unique design,transluscent theme raincoat which is a perfect fit for a kid who loves rains. Cos of the transluscent material the child can easily watch the big raindrops drizzling down the raincoat and have all the fun.
2. Neck closure: Provides a complete protection by covering the neck area too so that the wind and water does not seep in thus keeping the clothes dry.?
3. Extra Bag ?Space at the Back : This premium raincoat has a generous space at the back wherein the child could easily carry a backpack. Comes with an adjustive button at the back which can be opened when the child is carrying the bag and the button can be sealed in case the child just chooses to wear the raincoat.?
4. Matching Pouch Bag: The Raincoat comes in a matching pouch so that its portable to carry.?
5. A Hood with transparent Brim: The big clear brim on the hood prevents rain from flowing to the kid?s face and won?t cover their sight.?
6. Double Closure: The double closure zip and button prevents the water and wind from seeping in during heavy windy monsoon. 7.Elastic Cuffs : Elastic cuffs ensures water does not seep in protecting the child completely.


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